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The year 2020 was one of upheaval, heartbreak, change, adaptation, perseverance, and, finally, hope. With all its challenges, such drastic change allows—requires—rapid learning. In this issue of the Leadership Forum, going to press in February 2021, we pause to share lessons and strategies from our colleagues. Dr. Michele Fang and colleagues share leadership lessons learned in advancing the LEAD program in the setting of the pandemic, and Dr. Jennifer Bracey highlights the benefits of the LEAHP program through personal experiences. Dr. Deborah Kwolek writes advice for leaders of physician-parents with concrete suggestions in an increasingly complicated world. Reflecting on the early weeks of vaccine rollout, Dr. Danielle Scheurer shares early (and lasting) leadership lessons that apply to much more than the specific area of vaccines and include the areas of transparency, trust, over-communication, simplicity, and kindness.

As an Editorial Board, we are delighted to welcome Lauren Block as our new associate editor! As associate editor and career-long SGIM member, Lauren brings a wealth of experience, enthusiasm, and dedication to our editorial team.

We hope you enjoy the articles, and we look forward to seeing you virtually at the annual meeting!


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