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In this issue of the Leadership Forum, we bring you a variety of articles highlighting the many facets of leadership in our complex world.

As this issue goes to press, winter is looming closer, bringing with it the risk of increased viral illnesses, including COVID-19. Vaccination conversations and campaigns are ever important, and we share with you two complementary articles on the topic. Bernstein, et al, share the public health perspective on vaccination and the role of policy changes and mandates. Pilapil, et al, discuss a more individualized perspective: how an internist can play a role in increasing the rate of pediatric vaccination.

Leadership strategies have needed to adapt, often rapidly, throughout the pandemic. Longer term changes to leadership are likely to persist through lessons learned during the pandemic. Neda Laiteerapong and Deb Burnet share their lessons learned in leading a GIM Division and Fellowship through the pandemic.

The ACLGIM Winter Summit is scheduled to be in-person this year, and we are thrilled to share an article by Bill Fox, a Keynote speaker at the Summit, on the epidemic of gun violence in the United States and the role of GIM in this realm.

We hope you enjoy the articles and hope to see many friends and colleagues at the Winter Summit!

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