UpToDate Reviewer Program

UpToDate has become a primary and focal point-of-care resource for medical knowledge. SGIM has partnered with UpToDate over the past fifteen years to bring the general internist perspective to UpToDate topics through scholarly review of chapters. Many UpToDate topics are written primarily for specialists but have important primary care implications with clear need of general medicine input. 

UpToDate topics are evidence-based, peer reviewed, continually updated and present actionable recommendations. The full contents of UpToDate are widely disseminated to institutions and individual physicians through a variety of platforms including online and mobile applications.

A group of SGIM reviewers consistently participates in this editorial process to ensure that the content and recommendations in UpToDate topics are relevant for the general internist when appropriate, and to ascertain that all generalist questions are addressed by specialists. Each year, these SGIM reviewers provide key feedback for more than 100 UpToDate topics, both in general internal medicine and the sub-specialties. Their recommendations are incorporated into the final knowledge tools produced by UpToDate.

SGIM is always looking for new reviewers--any SGIM full member who spends at least 20% of his/her time practicing ambulatory general internal medicine is eligible.  Reviewers are not expected to be content experts in the areas of the topics they review as their role is to represent the needs of general internists and help UpToDate understand how the chapter would be received by that audience. Reviewers typically spend 2-3 hours on a chapter’s review and receive about 5-7 requests for reviews annually.