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I am a practicing general internist and researcher devoted to improving patient centered care through rigorous research, thoughtful writing, and speaking. At Mayo Clinic my primary spheres of influence (beyond taking care on complex outpatients with undifferentiated symptoms) have been in research - grant writing, career development, and academic productivity. I've led a health services research training program, have active federal grants studying communication and decision making in cancer care, and have been funded by the Greenwall Foundation to study the relationship between healthcare reform and physician ethical responsibilities to patients and society. I am a member of the SGIM Ethics Committee, have served terms on the ACP ethics, professionalism and human rights committee and the Ethics Track of the Education Program Committee for the ASCO Annual meeting.

My wife and I share 4 gregarious children - ages 14, 11, 9, 6. Driveway basketball, performing arts practices, and dreaming about more time to fish take up most of our free time.