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  • 1.  Hospital Medicine Service Weeks 26 or 24?

    Posted 05-20-2024 12:41


    I am trying to revamp our hospital medicine structure and getting some pushback.  To establish the scenario: state medical school with state benefits including accrued PTO concurrent with years of service. All teaching teams, no direct care services.  For context, after 20+ years in the same system, I am sitting on a little over 8 business weeks of vacation a year.

    I want to make a 100% clinical hospitalist person responsible for 24 weeks of coverage a year, that includes 2 weeks of built in PTO that is accrued yearly in the first 0 to 1 5 years of service.  I am getting pushback to make it 26 weeks.

    Any of you all at 24 weeks of service for a 100% clinical FTE?



    Sunil Sahai
    Division Chief, General Medicine
    University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine
    Galveston TX
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  • 2.  RE: Hospital Medicine Service Weeks 26 or 24?

    Posted 06-10-2024 14:32
    Hi Sunil,

    Ours is not exactly the same structure, but the problem of PTO (and vacancy coverage, mat leave coverage etc.) has been in our negotiations from the hospital of late. The appetite for reducing to 24 weeks to help with this has been low. 

    I'd love to hear how others are providing vacancy coverage - do you all hire additional FTEs to have a pool, or do you manage within your groups?

    For context, we are a mid-size group at a state university, mix of direct care and teaching supervision. 


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