Social Media

Social Media

Follow #SGIM19 on Twitter and Instagram and stay connected before, during and after the Annual Meeting. Even those who can't join us in Denver can engage in conversations with attendees.

Tips for Tweeting the Meeting

Include the meeting hashtag (#SGIM19) on all tweets. Tweets with this hashtag will be displayed on Tweetwalls at the meeting. Include the speaker's Twitter handle in your tweets whenever possible.

Tips for Presenters

Highlight the annual meeting hashtag (#SGIM19) on your slides-either on the title slide or on the footer of every slide. If you have an account, include your Twitter handle (i.e. @SocietyGIM) on your slides. Encourage attendees to tweet you with questions or comments. Follow up after your talk to keep the conversations going.

Social Media 101

  1. Read the Ten Simple Rules of Live Tweeting at Scientific Conferences. A more complete collection of resources is also available -- Introduction to social media for physicians.
  2. Visit the Social Media booth at the annual meeting. Meet with your SGIM colleagues to learn how you can engage in the Society’s social media activities. Details in the onsite program.
  3. Meet SGIM's social media enthusiasts and ambassadors at the annual Tweetup--all are welcome!