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SGIM Forum May 2022

Reflection is a power tool for leveraging our past experiences into lifelong lessons that help our future.

LeRoi Hicks, SGIM President, calls us to consider the future of internal medicine through clinical care, research, and education while reflecting on his own journey of navigating health challenges during the time of COVID-19. Tiffany Leung, SGIM Forum Editor-in-Chief, discusses the importance of reflection to see the road ahead and prioritize our collective mental health as general internists. Taylor Hollis, one of the to three Arts & Humanities submissions presented at the SGIM Northwest/California-Hawaii Regional meeting, presents her original poem on America's Scorching Melting Pot. Gregory Misky shares a powerful reflection on learning the meaning of the Hippocratic oath through the eyes of his patients experiencing severe illness. Steven Chen and colleagues use reflection on the hidden curriculum in clinical learning environments to discuss how we can more positively impact the professional identify formation for Asian medical student learners. Reflecting on the many conversations had with patients around COVID-19 vaccination in the sea of misinformation, Eva Rimler and colleagues give practical approaches to help teach learners how to navigate this chiasm with attention to the principles of evidence-based practice. Specifically, emphasizing connection, using communication frameworks, and addressing misinformation are key to maintaining the clinician-patient relationship during these conversations. Recognizing how challenging it is to cope with the unintended consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cassedy Owen gives us a powerful artwork piece and perspective on life for many us during the past few years. David Haggstrom and colleagues answer questions regarding the SGIM-VA collaboration on a research curriculum for early career investigators desiring to do partnered research. Amir Meiri and colleagues speak about physicians union in the wake of COVID-1, specifically as an opportunity to organize doctors around maintaining the physician-patient relationship and reducing burnout.   

May the reflections in this issue of SGIM Forum inspire us all to remember what made us pursue general internal medicine careers.

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