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SGIM Forum May 2023

Martha Gerrity, incoming SGIM President, writes her first President's column for SGIM Forum, warmly welcoming us to gather to learn and grow together. As we prepare to #SGIM23 in Aurora, CO, only days away, readers will find Gillespie's front-page column an essential read before we meet: she offers a clear vision and specific tips on how SGIM members can help promote planetary health through their individual choices, backed by numerous steps the planning committee has taken to minimize the environmental impact of the meeting. Related to planetary health, Jacobs defines plasticemia and the potential impacts of microplastics on human health. Eric Bass, SGIM CEO, and Newby review the primary care scorecard from the National Academy of Science and Medicine and its purpose "to provide accountability and to track the implementation of high-quality primary care in the U.S." Walls, et al, outline the need to expand access to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) resources within federally qualified health centers, like Church Health in Memphis, Tennessee. Camille Murray, et al, share their lessons learned from Atlanta Interprofessional Student Hotspotting. Hirsch and Conigliaro comment on the value and medical necessity of pre-operative clearance as a meaningful period of assessment rather than an automated, one-size-fits-all process. May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and Dr. Scheufele, et al, briefly summarize the impact of race-based and cultural bias in medical and clinical informatics environments and opportunities for improvement and evolution. Tiffany I. Leung, SGIM Forum Editor-in-Chief, offers remarks on how generative artificial intelligence can influence patient education, but more broadly on the important role of general internists in shaping technology applications in practice. As we embark on another learning-packed annual meeting with #SGIM23, let’s remember to embrace these principles as we pull up our sleeves to get to work, courtesy of our new President: show up with intention; ask yourself why you are here and how you can contribute; engage, listen, and learn; and bring your curiosity and openness. 

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