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In this issue, the Editor’s Column features the voices of the entire SGIM Forum editor team, exploring the importance and relevance of publishing in SGIM Forum as scholarly work. Also, SGIM international members are interviewed by Marley Dubrow, SGIM member engagement associate, regarding the COVID-19 response and approaches to vaccination distribution in Greece, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom. Monica Lypson, SGIM president, writes her first President’s Column for SGIM Forum, reflecting on our collective adaptation to — and our tremendous capacity to drive — change in the last year and onward during her upcoming year as president. Eric Bass, SGIM CEO, and Margaret Lo, chair of the SGIM Learning Management System (LMS) Task Force, update our readers on essential LMS features and considerations for continuing growth within our society. Bonnema, et al, and Raffel, et al, inform us of important medical educational developments across career stages from the last year. Finally, Stella, et al, articulate how the clashing U.S. homelessness crisis and COVID-19 pandemic exacerbate health disparities and hinder pandemic recovery — and outline opportunities for community partnership and advocacy for support services and programs.

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