Theme Issue on Climate Change & Health

SGIM Forum Call for Submissions: 
Theme Issue on Climate Change & Health - March 2021
Submission deadline: January 15, 2021

SGIM Forum will publish a theme issue on climate change and its consequences on the health of our patients and populations for its March 2021 issue. Human-driven changes in climate and the environment have resulted in increasingly frequent extreme weather events globally. Examples include increasing average temperatures, rising sea levels, wildfires, or tainted air and water. Such phenomena have displaced communities, changed disease patterns, compromised food systems, disrupted economies and health care delivery, and exacerbated health disparities -- disproportionately impacting vulnerable and marginalized populations. Environmental health and science are inextricably linked to our patients’ health.

This theme issue on Climate Change and Health focuses on climate change and its consequences for human health, especially as they relate to general internists’ scopes of clinical practice, medical education, advocacy, and research. 

Please consider the following for submissions to this theme issue:

  • Article submissions of all types are welcome, covering a wide range of important issues, including but not limited to:
    • harmful effects of climate change on individual and public health
    • climate migration or displacement
    • impact on existing health disparities and inequities
    • physician-led interventions to address these issues
    • climate change related health professions education
    • community collaborations and advocacy for environmental health
  • Artwork or photography submissions will also be considered (they must be 300 DPI or higher).
  • Medical students, residents, and fellows are also encouraged to submit.
  • Please refer to the author instructions for more detailed article requirements and a suggested article template. 

Submit your articles or artwork to by January 15, 2021 for consideration for this theme issue.

Forum is a place for members to share their diverse perspectives and experiences, advocacy, research, and clinical work, for this theme issue and continuously into the future. Submissions not published in the theme issue will be considered for publication in future issues of Forum.