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In this penultimate issue of 2020, Sottile reflects on “losing touch” with patients. Wilhite, et al, describe starting points for institutions to address social determinants of health to overcome inequities exacerbated by COVID-19, while Kuy, et al, provide an overview of communities affected during the pandemic, including children and rural communities. Systemic racism also remains an important aspect of these discussions, as Thomas, et al, explore differences in hypertension control by race among patients in resident and faculty clinics and Sgro offers the second part of a Forum essay collection on racism in medicine. Morales offers us a rapid-fire view of important issues to consider as the U.S. presidential election looms, while SGIM President Jean Kutner and CEO Eric Bass supply updates on the current state of SGIM advocacy and primary care research funding landscapes, respectively.

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SGIM Forum Call for Submissions: 
Theme Issue on Climate Change & Health - March 2021
Submission deadline: January 15, 2021 

SGIM Forum will publish a theme issue on climate change and its consequences on the health of our patients and populations for its March 2021 issue. Human-driven changes in climate and the environment have resulted in increasingly frequent extreme weather events globally. Examples include increasing average temperatures, rising sea levels, wildfires, or tainted air and water. Such phenomena have displaced communities, changed disease patterns, compromised food systems, disrupted economies and health care delivery, and exacerbated health disparities — disproportionately impacting vulnerable and marginalized populations. Environmental health and science are inextricably linked to our patients’ health.

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