2024 SGIM Annual Meeting


2024 SGIM Annual Meeting, May 15-18, 2024 
at the Sheraton Boston Hotel & Hynes Convention Center

Meeting Theme:

Strengthening Relationships and Valuing Our Diversity

The 2024 SGIM annual meeting aims to deepen our members’ skills in relationship building and bring together people with diverse perspectives & strengths to take on the challenges of today. 


Meeting Highlights:

Rochelle Walensky
Distinguished Professors
SGIM24 GIM Fellows
SGIM24 Exhibits

Meeting Highlights:

Rachel Levine
Distinguished Professor Series
SGIM24 Podcasters
SGIM24 Social Media

Meeting Highlights:

Saturday Plenary
SGIM24 Interest Groups
SGIM24 Trivia Night
SGIM24 at the Red Sox Game