Cancer Researcher in Focus: Larissa Nekhlyudov, MD, MPH

By Zackary Berger posted 06-16-2013 13:22


Dr. Nekhlyudov is an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and a general internist at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. Her work, which has generated numerous publications, centers on the quality of life and quality of care of cancer survivors.  One recent paper published this year highlights the use of integrated healthcare delivery systems as platforms for cancer survivorship research.  Another reports on patients' communication experiences during cancer care and provides a foundation for the design and testing of patient reporting systems. 

Dr. Nekhlyudov is particularly interested in the interplay between primary care and oncology providers in the care of cancer survivors.  In addition to research, she is leading efforts to promote the education and training of providers caring for cancer survivors.  She has built an impressive online collection of resources for primary care providers caring for survivors. These include links to guidelines of care, educational programs, resources for patients and families and links to granting organizations.  This year, she served as a key contributor to the development of a cancer survivorship curriculum for primary care providers, a program of the National Cancer Survivorship Research Center ( 


Two questions for Dr. Nekhlyudov

What is a research question that currently interests you?

How do we improve the care of cancer survivors in oncology and primary care settings?

What are the difficulties in researching this question?

Cancer is not a single disease. There are different types of cancers, stages, and treatments. It is therefore difficult to study the impact of any intervention and make generalizable conclusions.