The SGIM Awards program provides national and regional recognition for exceptional achievements and innovations in the healthcare profession, as well as significant contributions to the mission of the Society. Members may nominate themselves or colleagues who have made significant contributions to the profession over the past year. Awards and grants presented during our 2021 Annual Meeting recognize achievements and contributions during 2020.

Awards Categories:

For more information about specific awards and grants, click on the boxes below. 

Special Achievement Awards

Herbert W. Nickens Award
Recognition of outstanding achievements in promoting minority health and minority representation in medicine 

David R. Calkins Award - Health Policy Advocacy
Recognition of outstanding commitment to advocacy on behalf of SGIM. 

Best Published Research Paper of the Year 
Recognition for the best published research paper of 2020. 

Elnora M. Rhodes Service Award 
Recognizes a member for outstanding service to SGIM and its mission of promoting patient care, research, and education in primary care medicine. Not Given at SGIM21, Next Application Opens in Fall 2021

Individual Achievement Awards

Fredrick L. Brancati Mentorship and Leadership Award
Recognition of junior faculty who inspire their trainees to pursue academic GIM, and support for a trainee who aspires to become a leader in the transformation of health care through innovations in research, education, and practice

Outstanding Junior Investigator of the Year
Recognition of a junior investigator's career achievement

Mid-Career Research Mentorship Award
Recognition in mentoring activities of general medicine investigators

Mid-Career Education Mentorship Award
Recognition in mentoring activities of general of general medicine educators 

Scholarship in Medical Education
Brings attention to the many types of original work that SGIM members have performed to improve medical education

ACLGIM Chief's Recognition Award
Recognizes a GIM Division Chief who most represents excellence in division leadership 

ACLGIM Leadership Award
Awarded to new faculty appointees to recognize skills in leadership in areas of academic medicine, including clinical, educational, research or administrative efforts 

Career Achievement Awards

Robert J. Glaser Award
Recognizes outstanding contributions to research, education, leadership and mentoring in generalism in medicine

John M. Eisenberg Award for Career Achievement in Research
Awarded to an individual whose lifetime research contributions have had a national impact

Career Achievement in Medical Education
Awarded to an outstanding clinician-educator whose lifetime contributions have profoundly advanced, and had widespread impact on the art and science of medicine and medical education 

Clinical Achievement Awards

Quality and Practice Innovation Award
General internists and their organization that have successfully developed and implemented innovative role model systems of practice improvement in ambulatory and/or inpatient clinical practice

Grant Awards

Lawrence S. Linn Award
Grant to a young investigator to study or improve the quality of life for persons with AIDS or HIV infection

Founders Grant
Funding awarded to support research by a junior investigator

Mary O'Flaherty Horn Scholarship 
A three-year career development grant awarded to an outstanding junior medical school faculty member in general internal medicine. Not given at SGIM21, next application opens in Fall 2024. 

Unified Leadership Training in Diversity (UNLTD)- Scholarships for underrepresented groups to attend a one-day leadership conference

2021 Annual Meeting Presentation Awards

Annual meeting presentation awards are voted on and awarded at the SGIM Annual Meeting. Recipients for these awards are chosen based on their eligibility at the time of annual meeting submission, or based on their oral and poster presentation at the annual meeting. Click here for more information about these awards.

  • Mack Lipkin, Sr. Associate Member Awards
  • Milton W. Hamolsky Junior Faculty Awards
  • Clinical Vignette Presentation Awards
  • Outstanding Quality/ Patient Safety Oral Presentation Award
  • Best Women's Health Oral Abstract and Poster Presentation Award
  • Best Geriatrics Abstract Oral and Poster Presentation Award
  • Best Hospital-Based Medicine Oral Abstract and Poster Presentation Award
  • Best Disparities Oral and Poster Presentation Award

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