SGIM annually presents awards and grants, which are among the highest honors bestowed by the Society. Members may nominate themselves or colleagues who have made significant contributions to the profession over the past year. Awards and grants presented in 2024 recognize achievements and contributions during 2023.

Mack Lipkin, Sr. Associate Member Scientific Presentation Awards

Three Mack Lipkin Senior Associate Member Awards are presented to the scientific presentations considered most outstanding by students, residents and fellows during the 2024 SGIM annual meeting. Awards are made based on participant evaluations of the presentations and are endowed by the Zlinkoff Fund for Medical Education. The award winners for 2024 are:

Alexander Chaitoff, MD, MPH
Assessing the Risk of Adverse Clinical Outcomes in Older Adults Initiating Gabapentin Versus Duloxetine

Abigail Arons, MD, MPAff
How Does The Risk of Developing Diabetes Progress From Young Adulthood and Beyond? Glycemic Trajectories in the CARDIA Study

Christopher Cai, MD 
Potential Savings for Medicare Part D Beneficiaries from a $2 Monthly Generic Drug Copayment Cap

Milton W. Hamolsky Junior Faculty Scientific Presentation Awards

Three Milton W. Hamolsky Awards are presented to the scientific presentations considered most outstanding by junior faculty during the 2024 SGIM annual meeting. Awards are made based on participant evaluations of the presentations and are endowed by the Zlinkoff Fund for Medical Education. The award winners for 2024 are:

Ravi Gupta, MD, MS 
Comparing Prior Authorization Across Insurers: Evidence from Medicare Advantage
Cory P Coffey, PharmD, MS
Description of Changes over Time in an Academic Primary Care Network Following the Recognition of Pharmacists as Providers
Fabiola Molina, MD
Health System Efforts to Address Race in Clinical Algorithms: A Qualitative Study of Hospital Leaders’ Perspectives

Clinical Vignette Presentation Award

This award allows SGIM to recognize outstanding work by junior SGIM members and potential members. The award winner for 2024 is:

Son Quyen Dinh, MD
CVF1-1-A Clot and A Hard Place

The Robert J. Glaser Award

The Robert J. Glaser Award Recognizes outstanding contributions to research, education, leadership and mentoring in generalism in medicine and is presented at the SGIM Annual Meeting as a feature of a plenary session. This award is supported by grants from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, the Commonwealth Fund, and many individual contributions.

2024 Selection Committee:

Stacy Higgins, MD, Chair 
Neil Powe, MBA, MD, MPH
Susana Morales, MD
Chris Knight, MD
Carla Spagnoletti, MD, MS

Marshall Chin, MD, MPH

The Elnora M. Rhodes SGIM Service Award

The Elnora M. Rhodes SGIM Service Award was established in 1997 to honor Ms. Rhodes’ tremendous contributions to the Society of General Internal Medicine during her ten years as Executive Director. The Award symbolizes the highest level of service to the Society and is given to an individual for outstanding service to SGIM and its mission of promoting patient care, research, education and community service in primary care internal medicine. This award has been supported through contributions from SGIM leaders and members, past and present, as well as generous gifts from the Rhodes family.

2024 Selection Committee:

Tracey Henry, MD, Chair
Shaowei Wan, PhD, MS, MA
Ricardo Correa, MD
Abby Spencer, MD, MS
Mitchell Feldman, MD, MPhil

John Goodson, MD

The John M. Eisenberg National Award for Career Achievement in Research

This award recognizes a senior member whose innovative research has changed the way we care for patients, conduct research, or educate students. It is named for the late John M. Eisenberg, MD, MBA, because of his unique role as researcher, mentor, and Director of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, where he was a strong advocate for research in general medicine. This award is supported by the SGIM Make a Difference! Campaign, memorial contributions from Dr. Eisenberg’s colleagues and friends, and the Hess Foundation.

2024 Selection Committee:

Mary McDermott, MD, Chair
Seth Berkowitz, MD, MPH
Donna Washington, MD, MPH
Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD
Nancy Rigotti, MD
Arleen Brown, MD, PhD

Bruce Landon, MD, MBA, MSc

The Herbert W. Nickens Minority Health and Representation in Medicine Award

The Herbert W. Nickens Award recognizes exceptional commitment to cultural diversity in medicine. The award will honor an individual or representative of an organization who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to cultural diversity in medicine or to improving minority health.

2024 Selection Committee:

Alana Biggers, MD, MPH, Chair
Shana Zucker, MD, MPH, MS
Eun Ji Kim, MD, MS, MSc
Francois Rollin, MD

Rita Lee, MD

Excellence in Medical Ethics Award

This award recognizes the original scholarship that SGIM members have done to advance medical ethics. It promotes and rewards outstanding contributions to the field of medical ethics, including not only traditional scholarship such as publication of research but also viewpoint articles, educational materials, popular writing, oral presentations, and efforts to influence health policy.

2024 Selection Committee:

Zack Berger, MD, PhD, Chair
Milda Saunders, MD, MPH
Lubna Khawaja, MD
Maura George, MD
Kamala Cotts, MD

Daniel Sulmasy, MD, PhD

Quality & Practice Innovation Award

This award will recognize leaders of practice innovations, outpatient (primary care) or inpatient settings, who have improved care within the “quality” domains of safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, timeliness, efficiency, and equality. This award will also recognize teams (composed of general internists and members of their organization) that have successfully developed and implemented innovative systems of practice improvement in ambulatory or inpatient clinical practice. 

2024 Selection Committee:

Gary Fischer, MD, Chair
Jessica Singer, MD
Hadeel Aklhairw, MD, MS
James M. Ritcher, MD, MA 
Elizabeth Cuevas, MD
Jennifer Zreloff, MD

Christopher Steele, MD
University of Connecticut School of Medicine - UConn Health Leaders

Outstanding Junior Investigator of the Year

Inaugurated in 2001, this award provides national recognition to SGIM junior investigator members whose academic ranks do not exceed Assistant Professor, and whose early career achievements and overall bodies of work to date have had national impact on generalist research.

2024 Selection Committee:

Judith Tsui, MD, MPH, Chair
Jane Zhu, MD, MPP
Laura Hart, MD, MPH
Sara Turbow, MD, MPH
Peter Cram, MD, MBA
Som Saha, MD, MPH

Utibe Essien, MD, MPH

Mid-Career Research Mentorship Award

Recognizes outstanding mid-career clinician investigators who are actively engaged in research and mentorship of junior investigators.

2024 Selection Committee:

Timothy Anderson, MD, Chair 
John Mafi, MD, MPH
Molly B. Conroy, MD, MPH
Eduard Vasilevskis, MD, MPH

Nisa Maruthur, MD, MHS

Mid-Career Education Mentorship Award

Recognizes outstanding mid-career clinician educators who are actively engaged in education research and mentorship of junior clinician educators.

2024 Selection Committee:

Amy Farkas, MD, MS, Chair
Mim Ari, MD
Rani Nandiwada, MD, MS
Aditi Puri, MD
Meghan Kiefer, MD, MPH

Laura K. Snydman, MD

Best Published Research Paper of the Year Award

The purpose of this award is to help members gain recognition for papers that have made significant contributions to generalist research.

2024 Selection Committee:

Ishani Ganguli, MD, MPH, Chair
Angela Keniston, PhD, MSPH
Utibe Essien, MD, MPH
Paula Chatterjee, MD, MPH
Raegan Durant, MD, MPH
Jeff Kullgren, MS, MD, MPH
Atheendar Venkataramani, MD, PHD
Eva Tseng, MD, MPH

Ilana Richman, MD

Scholarship in Medical Education Award

This award brings greater attention to the many types of original work that SGIM members have performed to improve medical education on a national level.

2024 Selection Committee:

Rachel Bonnema, MD, MS, Chair
Anna Donovan, MD, MS
David Callender, MD, MPH
Elisa Sottile, MD
Laura Snydman, MD
Craig Noronha, MD

Jennifer Corbelli, MD

Mary O’Flaherty Horn Scholars in General Internal Medicine Program

The Mary O’Flaherty Horn Scholars in General Internal Medicine Program is a 3-year career development award for clinician-educators. The Horn Award offers a junior clinician-educator funding to promote their academic career, while maintaining a healthy balance between personal and professional responsibilities by providing the scholar with a flexible schedule and protected time to engage in meaningful career development and scholarly activities. 

2024 Selection Committee:

Rachel Levine, MD, MPH
Carole Warde, MD
Hilit Mechaber, MD
Marilyn Schapira, MD
Tyra Fainstad, MD
Abby Lenhart, MD
Rebecca Harrison, MD
Bunmi Olarewaju, DO
Patrick Hemming, MD
Katherine Riolo

Masha Slavin, MD

Founders' Grant

The SGIM Founders’ Grant provides $10,000 in support to junior investigators who exhibit significant potential for a successful research career and who needs a “jump start” to establish a strong research funding base.

2024 Selection Committee:

Milda Saunders, MD, MPH, Chair
Glen Taksler, PhD
Joni Williams, MD, MPH
Kevin Riggs, MD, MPH
Barbara Turner, MD, MSEd

Amy Yu, MD

Lawrence S. Linn Award

Funding awarded to a young investigator to study or improve the quality of life for persons with AIDS or HIV infection.

2024 Selection Committee:

Corinne Rhodes, MD, Chair
Brian Hilgeman, MD
Carl Streed, Jr., MD, MPH
Rebecca Glassman, MD
Erin Goss, MD
Jonathan Ross, MD, MS
Christopher Terndrup, MD
Deepika Slawek, MD, MS, MPH
Tabor Flickinger, MD, MPH

Amy Kennedy, MD

John Goodson Leadership in Health Policy Scholarship

The John Goodson Leadership in Health Policy Scholarship awards funding for one incoming Leadership in Health Policy (LEAHP) scholar who is working in the field of clinical practice/payment reform. The inaugural scholarship honors John D. Goodson, MD and his decades-long contributions to the clinical practice of GIM.

2024 Selection Committee:

Mark D. Schwartz, MD, FACP
Tracey L. Henry, MD

Zoe Tseng, MD

Unified Leadership Training for Diversity (UNLTD)

Founded by Dr. Mark Linzer, the Unified Leadership Training in Diversity Program is designed for junior and mid-career faculty from underrepresented groups to develop the complex skill sets required to successfully lead academic sections and departments. This program provides mentoring, a scholarship to attend the ACLGIM leadership training conference, and some financial assistance to offset expenses.

2024 Selection Committee:

Ade Olomu, MD, MS, Chair
Maria Garcia, MD, MPH 
Leilani Lee, MD 
Shani R. Scott, MD
Himali Weerahandi, MD
Joni Williams, MD, MPH

Kyle Gleaves, MD
Jessica Himmelstein, MD, MPH 
Alyssa Peterkin, MD 

ACLGIM Division Chief's Recognition Award

Given annually to the GIM Division Chief who most represents excellence in Division leadership.

2024 Selection Committee:

Anu Paranjape, MD, MPH, Chair
Marisha Burden, MD
Ted Johnson, MD, MPH
KoKo Aung, MD, MPH
Katherine Bensching, MD 

Eileen Reynolds, MD

ACLGIM Leadership Award

The award recognizes an individual within their first ten years of faculty appointment with exceptional skills in leadership in any number of areas of academic medicine, including clinical, educational, research or administrative efforts.

2024 Selection Committee:

Mark Earnest, MD, PhD, Chair
Marisha Burden, MD 
Nancy Denizard Thompson, MD
Carla Spagnoletti, MD, MS
John Varras, MD 
Tyler Winkleman, MD, MSc

Anne “Kate” Hust, MD, MPH

Frederick L. Brancati Mentorship and Leadership Award

This award honors an individual at the junior faculty level who inspires and mentors trainees to pursue general internal medicine and lead the transformation of health care through innovations in research, education, and practice.

2024 Selection Committee:

Inginia Genao, MD, Chair
Robin Canada, MD 
Carlos Estrada, MD, MS 
Christopher Jackson, MD 
Elizabeth Jacobs, MD, MAPP 
Paul O'Rourke, MD, MPh 

Timothy Anderson, MD, MAS, MA