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Academic Hospitalist Educational Effort?

  • 1.  Academic Hospitalist Educational Effort?

    Posted 02-20-2024 12:27

    How do you all account for educational effort for academic hospitalist?  For example, if reimbursed by the School of Medicine about 75 cents on the dollar for SoM education effort.

    To make math easy, say base salary of $240k for 24 weeks of service for 1.0 cFTE Hospitalist ($10k per week)

    If they get a 20% educational FTE from the School of Medicine, that means I drop them from 24 weeks to 19 weeks of service.

    They are doing 5 fewer weeks, so $50k differential that has to be made up.  SoM reimburses 75 cents on the dollar, so they flow only $37.5 k to the Division, leaving a funds flow deficit of $12.5 k.

    Do you reduce the salary by that amount?  Or is there some other math you all use?

    Thanks in advance!


    Sunil Sahai
    Division Chief, General Medicine
    University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine
    Galveston TX
    SGIM24 Highlight