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AHA Level 1 Needs Assessment - Please Complete

  • 1.  AHA Level 1 Needs Assessment - Please Complete

    Posted 08-17-2023 10:55

    Hello Colleagues:

    Academic Hospitalist Academy Level 1 is taking the year to evaluate and evolve the program that early academicians have grown to know as "professionally and personally transformative". We want to ensure that the academy's content and format continues to meet the specific needs of early academic hospitalists advancing their careers and continuing along a pathway to success. 

    Please take the time to complete this short Needs Assessment so the AHA Level 1 Task Force can better understand the needs of career academic hospitalists and the appropriate needs for AHA Level 1 moving forward.

    AHA Level 1 Needs Assessment

    We look forward to returning in 2024 with an even stronger academy that you won't want to miss. 

    Please let Erika Baker at know if you have any questions or concerns. 

    Keri Holmes Maybank MD, MSCR, SFHM
    Associate Professor
    Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine
    Charleston SC
    (843) 792-2900
    SGIM24 Highlight