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  • 1.  Call for papers - Life Sciences special issue on Long COVID

    Posted 10-13-2023 11:41

    Hi, everyone!  I might have mentioned a while ago, Aaron Friedberg and I at OSU were asked to guest-edit a special edition of the Elsevier journal Life Sciences, focused on Long COVID.  We decided to make it a collection of brief clinician-focused reviews on management of Long COVID, with some additional material on pathophysiology and an overview of research in the field.  I am happy to say, the call for papers is now live, here.

    We would love it if folks from this group would consider submitting papers.

    We've put together a Google doc outlining the proposed topics.  If you're interested, please go on the Google Doc and sign up.  You can also submit through the journal portal of course (when you have a final draft) but we figured this would be a good way to organize the work so everyone who wants to can submit something.

    We're also working on getting a Long COVID Clinical Podcast off the ground.  One of the faculty here works with Curbsiders and he's going to help with the technical aspects.  So if people want to guest on the podcast and talk about the topic you cover in the article, that would be great.  Just put a note on the signup if you want to do that.

    Thanks to everyone for considering this!

    Andrew Schamess
    Assistant Professor - Clinical
    Ohio State University College of Medicine
    Columbus OH
    (614) 293-8054
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  • 2.  RE: Call for papers - Life Sciences special issue on Long COVID

    Posted 10-24-2023 16:40
    Thanks, Adrew!
    A question for the group, do you all have any treatment protocols (or guidelines) on lab workup and treatments that you are currently using in your clinics? I am the solo person in Albuq doing this at my institution and working on ensuring I am staying up to date with what other long COVID clinics are doing.
    Please share anything you have; I would greatly appreciate it!

    Alisha Parada, MD, FACP
    University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
    Division Chief, General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics
    Director of Ambulatory Quality Improvement, Department of Internal Medicine
    Chief of Staff, UNMH
    Scheduling Assistant: Charlene Lizardi

    No need to reply to my emails after hours or on the weekends.

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  • 3.  RE: Call for papers - Life Sciences special issue on Long COVID

    Posted 10-25-2023 11:52
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    Hi Alisha,


    I am attaching a Word document of our EMR note and orders templates we built for our PASC clinic (we currently use Athena, transitioning to Epic). Please note that I built it to be a broad menu, I delete and edit the portions of the plan that aren't applicable and I don't always order all the tests. It's easier to X off things I don't want than add things individually. Hope this helps. If you want to check out something a little more "vetted", I also worked with Rasika on this group through AAPM&R to create PASC Clinician Note Templates, you'll see it's similar to mine but it is fully aligned with the published consensus guideline statements and approved by the PASC Collaborative. Linked here: https://www.aapmr.org/docs/default-source/news-and-publications/pasc_clinician-note-templates.pdf?Status=Master&sfvrsn=fe3d2b7c_3/




    W. Michael Brode MD FACP

    General Internist | Assistant Professor of Medicine
    Dell Medical School  |  The University of Texas at Austin uc%3fexport=download&id=12c4w549ukymppx5F9eNYtPdyBxvOX9gW&revid=0B8DHE5DmkiHTLzJwaVVlQXF1U3AzVmMzeElQT0lTZnkrdU9vPQ
    o: 833-495-5680  |  william.brode@austin.utexas.edu




    PASC Order Sets UTHA.docx   22 KB 1 version
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