Upload Presenter Slides

Upload Presenter Slides & Collateral To the SGIM18 App

Accepted for presentation at 2018 SGIM Annual Meeting as a Workshop, Special Symposium, or Clinical Update presenter? Read below on how to upload slides and collateral to the SGIM18 App.



April 4, 2018
: Expected Launch Date for SGIM18 App
April 9, 2018: Slides or Handouts Due in SGIM18 App by Workshop Session Coordinators
April 11-14, 2018: SGIM Annual Meeting

SGIM18 App Access

Presenter Slide Upload

How do I upload slides and collateral to the SGIM Annual Meeting App?

Share slides, handouts, links, photos, or videos from your presentation. Follow these easy instructions to add slides and collateral to your session in the SGIM18 App Website.

  1. Go to the SGIM18 App Website: https://sgim18.zerista.com/
  2. Login (*)
  3. Click on Agenda
  4. Search for and select your session
  5. Click 'Collateral'
  6. Choose a title for the collateral
  7. Select one of the following options:
    • Documents - File must be one of the following extensions (csv, .text, .txt, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pps, .pptx, .ppsx, .png, .binary, .octet, .sqlite, .xls)
    • Photos - Will show a thumbnail of your picture. File must be one of the following extensions (.png, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif)
    • Youtube - Must be a Youtube URL
    • Videos - Must be a direct link to an HTML5 video. A website containing an HTML5 video or embedded video URLs will not work
    • Links - Any website. Use this if you have a website with a video on it, or an embedded video URL
    • Audio - Must be a direct link to an MP3 file. If you have a website with an audio file on it, this will not work. Use Links instead.
    • Flickr - Must be a Flickr URL
    • Sonic Foundry - Must be a SonicFoundry URL.
  8. Enter required information
  9. Click Add
From this screen you can also edit or remove the collateral.

How do I access the SGIM18 App?

You are required to login in order to upload documents. To retrieve your login information you must activate your account through the SGIM18 App Invitation Email. If you did not receive this email, contact submissions@sgim.org to confirm your details.

What is the maximum file size?

RSVP is only required for designated:
The maximum file size limit per file is 25 Mb for upload to the SGIM Annual Meeting App. Convert to PDF to reduce file size.