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Sign of the Times: Part II

SGIM Forum Racism and Medicine Essay Collection: Part II

Dr. Sgro ( is an academic hospitalist and clinical assistant professor of medicine, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System and University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Dr. Leung is editor in chief of SGIM Forum.

In a recent issue of SGIM Forum, we presented the first five in a series of previously published Forum articles related to systemic racism and medicine. This month, we are featuring five more voices from SGIM who have called for the dismantling of systemic racism in American society and medicine.


“Race, Gender, and Quality of Healthcare”1

November 1999 | Giselle Corbie-Smith

True cultural competency requires a paradigm shift from a biomedical focus to a patient focus, one that elicits and incorporates each individual’s experiences and values into the diagnostic and therapeutic plan.


“No Patient Left Behind: Ensuring Health Care Equity in Health IT”2

March 2012 | Mita Goel and Urmimala Sarkar

The “digital divide,” or lack of access to technology, is known to exist at the level of health systems and among our patients, as low-income and racial/ethnic minority populations continue to lag behind in Internet access. Studies describing disparities in the uptake of portal technology suggest that providing universal access to high-speed Internet would not be sufficient to address current disparities.


“The Minorities in Medicine Interest Group: Helping to Promote and Sustain the Diversity of Academic Internists”3

December 2014 | Jessie Kimbrough Marshall and Marshall Fleurant

The Minorities in Medicine Interest Group was formed to address the challenges that minority faculty commonly encounter in academic medicine. Studies have shown that some underrepresented minority faculty perceive their respective institutions as having little commitment to sustaining diversity.


“The Cutting Edge for Achieving Health Equity”4

April 2016 | Marshall H. Chin

The health disparities field has moved beyond purely documenting disparities and explaining their causes. We are now immersed in the solutions phase.


“Mitigating Bias and Discrimination from Healthcare Leadership”5

November 2019 | Quaratulain Syed, Nicole Redmond, Jada Bussey-Jones, Eboni Price-Haywood, and Inginia Genao
African American, Hispanic/Latinx, and women physicians are under-represented at senior ranks levels in nearly all specialties and in leadership positions. Additionally, a pay gap exists across gender and race in U.S. health care as women and African-American physicians report lower incomes compared to peers.


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