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Peer review is open to all current SGIM members. Members may sign up a review for one submission-type per round.

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To sign up, log in to your SGIM account and click on the top navigation link for Events; then click the link labeled Reviewer Application.

Key Dates

Workshops and Clinical Updates

August 9, 2022: Peer Review Signup Opens 
September 23, 2022: Peer Review Signup Deadline
September 27, 2022: Peer Review Opens
October 11, 2022: Peer Review Closes

Scientific Abstracts, Clinical Vignettes, Innovations in Healthcare Delivery and Innovations in Medical Education

October 3, 2022: Peer Review Sign Up Opens
December 20, 2022:
Peer Review Sign Up Deadline
January 3, 2022
: Peer Review Opens

January 17, 2022: Peer Review Closes

Peer Review is open to current SGIM members only. 

Clinical Updates


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Clinical Updates

Peer Review Criteria:

Clinical Updates will present information from five to eight papers (or other relevant resources) that, in the view of the presenters, have made a significant impact on the practice or understanding of the topic area. For Updates presented annually, content must reflect papers published over the most recent 12 months. For novel or infrequent Updates, content may include papers published in the preceding 24 months. The discussion of each paper must include the presenters' thoughts on how the paper adds to the literature and why its findings are relevant to clinical or teaching practice. Some topic examples include updates in medical education, health policy, diabetes management, women’s health, adolescent medicine, etc



    Peer Review Criteria:

    Workshops typically focus on a single aspect of a specific topic within clinical practice and innovations, medical education or research. Workshops provide opportunities for attendees to gain new knowledge, skills, or expertise in an area relevant to their work in general internal medicine. They also promote the exchange of ideas in these areas to enhance the learning of all participants. The most effective and highly rated workshops are interactive, include a range of perspectives, and employ active learning strategies. Workshops should focus on practical knowledge, skills, or ideas that can be implemented across institutions and programs rather than narrowly focus on one institution’s experience.


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