ACLGIM Hess Leadership Institute

2023 ACLGIM Leon Hess Management Training and Leadership Institute

Wednesday, May 10, 2023
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Big Picture Problems: Challenges for GIM Leaders

ACLGIM has identified a “big picture problem” and seeks your participation at the upcoming Hess Institute.

Leadership often means identifying a tough issue, investigating the roots of the problem, engaging stakeholders, identifying resources, and working to begin to solve for the problem.  The skills to accomplish each of these steps are core components of effective leadership.

Recently, members of ACLGIM brought to light a national challenge for general internal medicine:  Recruitment and retention of academic general internists. Members from across each of our regions have shared struggles in developing and maintaining the academic GIM workforce through vigorous dialogue via GIM Connect and during the ACLGIM Winter Summit. The significance of this issue has led the ACLGIM Executive Committee to change the focus of the 2023 Hess Institute to allow members to gather as soon as possible to address this challenge.

We will use the components of leadership problem-solving to address this current issue facing GIM in a structured format, designed for participation and focused on actionable outcomes.  ACLGIM has engaged Civic Canopy, a strategy consultant in the Denver area, to assist in this process which will include efforts to identify and rank the root causes by importance and the possible solutions by feasibility and impact. 

We will start the day with a session featuring our guest speaker, Dr. Megan Gerhardt, author of the book Gentelligence:  The Revolutionary Approach to Leading an Intergenerational Workforce.  

The Institute’s real time approach to problem solving will also include:

  • Strategies to attack big-picture leadership problems
  • Engaging with facilitation experts to catalyze change
  • Techniques to engage stakeholders of diverse backgrounds and experiences

Join us at the 2023 Leon Hess Management Training and Leadership Institute to share your experience, enrich your developmental network and learn new skills to help you lead a dynamic and successful GIM team. We want everyone to walk away from the program with specific next steps for themselves, their institutions and the larger SGIM community to tackle this challenge to the future of academic GIM.

All stages of an academic career benefit from leadership skill development.  To that point, we welcome members at all stages of their career. 

$500 ACLGIM Full Member (lunch included)
$565 Non-ACLGIM Member (lunch included)

Space is limited for this special event.
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A waiting list is available for the event. If a registrant is not able to attend, you will be notified on a first come first served basis.