Pre-Course: POCUS in GIM


Wednesday, May 15
12:30 – 5:00 pm

Internal Medicine Point-of-Care Ultrasound (IMPOCUS) is now recognized as an important and rapidly developing field in general internal medicine. It is frequently taught in undergraduate and graduate medical education, and as the technology becomes increasingly available and its benefits in hospitals and clinics increasingly recognized, many general internists are asking: “How do we do this?” SGIM recognizes the importance of IMPOCUS and is committed to helping its members address this question and advance the field.

In this SGIM IMPOCUS pre-course, attendees will have a variety of educational opportunities and experiences including hands-on scanning, image interpretation feedback, and practice operating a variety of cart-based and pocket-sized ultrasound systems. Using a mixture of small and large group discussion, attendees will address common issues that arise when learning POCUS, implementing it into clinical practice, and teaching it to others. Expert faculty will provide advice and insights from their own POCUS experience as well as tips and resources for ongoing professional growth in this field. No prior IMPOCUS training is required, and attendees will be able to indicate their POCUS experience and educational needs prior to arrival.

$275 registration fee. This is an add-on to regular meeting registration and is capped at 40 attendees.