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Clinical Problem Solvers

The Clinical Problem Solvers Anti-Racism in Medicine podcast series has a mission to equip our listeners, at all levels of training, with the consciousness and tools to practice antiracism in their clinical careers and vision to create a “living resource to practice anti-racism” for listeners. We accomplish this by...

  • Challenging clinical reasoning concepts rooted in racism and oppression
  • Providing historical context for racist heuristics (with references)
  • Equipping listeners with pragmatic approach/specific skills to reduce health system and health outcome inequities
  • Offering listeners tools (appropriate at level of training) for self-reflection to illuminate and eradicate their own internalization of/subscription to racist paradigms and/or practices

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Core IM

Core IM is a virtual medical community where we strive to empower our colleagues of all levels and backgrounds with clinically applicable information as well as inspire curiosity and critical thinking. We have various segments from 5 Pearls on clinical topics, to Hoofbeats dissecting clinical reasoning, to At the Bedside, touching on ethical and humanities topics that reach beyond traditional evidence-based medicine.

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Join Core IM on-air at their virtual booth & tell us your memorable stories & advice you would have told your younger self.

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Popular Segments:

Five Pearls:
Solidify 5 applicable, relevant pearls on an Internal Medicine topic! Dr. Shreya P. Trivedi and Dr. Marty Fried incorporate active learning strategies, such as pre-podcast quizzing, purposeful pauses as well as intentional repetition. The last pearl of some of the podcasts will review a take away from a prior podcast for spaced repetition. 

At the Bedside:
At the Bedside discusses humanities topics that reach beyond traditional evidence-based medicine and delves into the ethics and emotions that come with practicing today.

Challenge yourself to solve diagnostically difficult cases, and hear from experienced clinicians who will be trying to solve them with you in real time. Then, join Dr. John Hwang and Dr. Cindy Fang on the hunt for bits of wisdom — clinical pearls, reasoning techniques, rules of thumb, diagnostic schema — cognitive tools that might be helpful for your next patient!


The Curbsiders

The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast is produced by a national network of students, residents, and clinician-educators from across the country representing >20 different institutions. On the show they “curbside” the experts to deconstruct various topics in the world of medicine to provide listeners with clinical pearls, practice changing knowledge and bad puns.

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