Dr. Moises Auron

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I'm an Academic Med-Peds hospitalist at the Cleveland Clinic and an Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics. My interests include hospital and perioperative medicine, quality and patient safety with emphasis in perioperative blood management. In addition, in Pediatrics, I'm interested in perioperative management of medically complex children, eating disorders, and transition to adulthood of patients with complex chronic diseases of childhood.
I'm a core faculty at the Cleveland Clinic Internal Medicine residency program, one of the largest in the country with 172 residents and interns.
I'm the Quality Improvement Officer (QIO) of the Department of Hospital Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic and am strongly interested in leveraging technology to facilitate best practices, as well as to promote education of our staff and housestaff to enhance mindfulness around all aspects that impact patient safety.
I'm also an Advanced Peer Coach and strongly interested in physician mentorship to promote engagement and personal and professional development.
At the ACP I'm the Chair of the Council of Early Career Physicians (2016-2017). I have been involved in the ACP Medical Practice and Quality committee, the Coding and Payment Policy subcommittee, and at the SHM am a member of the Public Policy committee. I'm strongly interested in healthcare policy with emphasis in decreasing barriers to care and enhancing delivery and access.