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09-06-2022 13:53

Editorial Corner

From the Editors

From widespread gun violence to the reversal of the Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court, inflation and rising interest rates, and the January 6, 2022, inquiry, the months since the SGIM meeting have been a time of social change and unease. SGIM and ACLGIM members around the country have engaged in advocacy to stand up for their beliefs and ideals. For many SGIM members, advocacy includes the use of social media to garner support and attention. In this issue of the Leadership Forum, Dr. Marshall Fleurant recounts his experience organizing a 200-member photo rally with the LGBTQ task force and the Committee to Protect Healthcare against Florida’s passing of the Parental Rights in Education Act (aka the “Don’t Say Gay” Act). For other members, advocacy involved the organizing of local leaders and to gain institutional support. Dr. Cynthia Chuang helped organize her institution’s Post-Roe Task Force in order to understand and mitigate negative health consequences of the Dobbs ruling. For yet others, advocacy meant educating the next generation of physician leaders in policy and leadership skills. Carol Wang and colleagues describe how a student-run policy and advocacy elective teaches not only elective enrollees but also cultivates leadership skills amongst the planning committee. In the realm of managing technological change in medicine, Dr. Dharod recounts his journey from college to a leadership role in informatics and the need for future leaders to be versed in healthcare information technology.

We hope this issue inspires the leaders and future leaders of SGIM to advocate for change they believe in!


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